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XP Hacks and Experience Generators are real ?

November 18 2015

XP Hacks and Experience Generators are real  ?

If you are tired of searching for this kind of tools you should check our real and working XP HACK for Clash of clans. Experience or experience in Clans Clash points is shown as a blue star visible in the left corner above your screen and also next to your name on the leaderboard of top players.

There are many fake tools circulating around pretending to be the real deal but we here at Clash of Clans Tricksters know the truth and will give you the real program to help you achieve glory. Our cheats are free to download and totally legit, don’t be afraid you won’t get your account banned, this kind of tools are undetected and undetectable.

In general in the game Clash of Clans, experience points do not have much importance, only unlock some of decorations, which really don’t serve for anything.

Contrary to a common belief, the level of experience does not participate in the process of finding opponents, cheat codes. This is based only on the level of trophies.

Neither affects the level of experience the amount of resources that can be stolen in an attack. This depends only on the difference between the levels of local councils.

How to raise the level of experience

  1. Construct buildings
  2. Improve the buildings
  3. Completing achievements
  4. Clean the field of mushrooms, trees, trunks, etc.
  5. Destroy the enemy Town Hall (also applies in the case of a city of the Elves)
  6. Donate to the components of the clan troops
  7. Using cheats

Why use our XP Cheats and experience generators ?

This is a very competitive game, if you don’t have the time to play thousands of hours to be able to compete with the top players you can become frustrated and quit the game altogether. Now there is a very good solution to be able to go head to head with the big dogs. OUr XP generator will give you the edge over any other player and ensure you come at the top in the end.

The only consideration can be given to the experience in terms of the battle, is that in general the player with many stars will have the village harder to destroy that you one with less experience. It is is only a theory, since the adversary could have put together their experience points for example by donating much troop or destroying local councils to get trophies, but the most common is the case that its high level of stars is due to the high level of buildings that make up its population.

And that means, that doesn’t matter as they are accommodated constructions, if they are advanced, can be received much damage and to cause much harm is needed use or many troop or strong troop, which can cause the number of required points of damage.

Attacking someone who has little experience, we can expect an easy victory, albeit by only 50% of the village desctrucción. What are you waiting for ? Get the XP generator now and start owning the world!

XP Hacks and Experience Generators are real  ?

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